Fashion Books

There are lots of fashion books available to buy both online and in bookshops at the moment. Some are undoubtedly better than others, but there are some really good ones you will definitely want to read at some point in the near future.

Here is a selection of just some of them.

That Extra Half An Inch – Victoria Beckham

Available in both hardcover and paperback, this book by Victoria Beckham has been surprisingly good. Victoria shares her own secrets and things that have worked for her in the world of fashion. She talks to real women from a woman’s point of view, and not as a famous person or guru. It runs to 384 pages in paperback.

The Black Dress – Valerie Steele

Running to 112 pages in hardcover, this book explores one of the most well known topics in all of women’s fashion. The little black dress is one item every woman knows about and many have worn – and the book goes deep into the background and history of this famous item.

Vogue Fashion – Linda Watson

This 400 page hardcover book is the definitive guide to fashion history from the year 1900 right through until the present day. You can learn a lot from this and since it comes from one of Vogue’s former writers, you can expect it to be packed with knowledge.

ABC of Men’s Fashion – Hardy Amies

Not every fashion book released onto the market is focused solely at women's fashion trends. This one is one of the best examples of a fashion book aimed at men, and it runs to 128 pages in hardcover. It has had many good reviews and is designed to make sure fashion is within the reach of all men with some sensible rules to remember.

100 Years of Menswear – Cally Blackman

Another title focusing on men, this one looks back at the last century of clothing available for men, as well as looking at how it has changed and developed during that time. Running to 320 pages, this book is packed with images and text exploring this very innovative century in menswear.

Where can you buy other top fashion books?

Many fashion books including the ones above are available from top online bookstores such as Amazon. You can also explore many other titles by visiting your local bookstores to see what is available. In both cases there is a good chance you will see something you would like to buy, and which will enhance your own understanding of fashion and how to make the most of it.

Fashion & beauty has come a long way during the last century or so. Many of the above books bring this into sharp focus in one way or another. Whether you are interested in men’s fashion or women’s fashion – or both – you will find plenty to delight you in these titles.