Fashion Tips

If you go for an interview you are judged first on your looks and clothes and then on your experience. If you go out on a blind date you can either make it or break it with your fashion sense and make up. So it is all about the looks which makes the statement First impression is the last impression still standing true.

For looking your best you search for fashion tips from various sources. But you might just end up being confused by all the tips you get. This is because fashion means different things to different people. For some it might mean the trendiest of clothes. For some it might mean wearing the most expensive brands. But what does fashion really mean? It only means wearing the clothes that you are comfortable in. You have to carry off your clothes well to look fashionable and you can only carry off those clothes in which you are comfortable. so the next time you have your eyes on some branded and classy clothes make sure you try it first and see if you are comfortable wearing them. Even if you go for some simple clothes like a plain shirt or a simple dress you can accessorize it well to give it a stylish touch. Accessories like necklaces, earrings, brooches can be used.

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But before people look at your clothes they look at your face. Hence the impression made by your face value should also be good. For this reason many of us hunt for good beauty tips. But just like fashion tips, beauty tips too vary from person to person. This is because not everyone's skin is the same. Some are sensitive; some are rough and dry while some are oily. So it is important to first to understand which type of skin is yours. Then search for beauty tips for only that skin type.

Here are some unusual beauty tips:
1.Apply your lip gloss using your fingertips so that it does not appear goopy. Also you can apply it over your lipstick to give it a shine and for it to last throughout the day.
2.If you are out of your regular scrub then use your regular white sugar to exfoliate your skin.
3.Apply perfume after you put moisturizer over your body for the smell to last all day long.

A beauty treatment for your whole body can be achieved through a good aroma therapy. An aroma therapy is a good way to energize and relax your body. This treatment uses the essential oils from herbal extracts. Aroma therapy can energize your nervous system and uplift your mood. This special glow can easily be noticed on your face. Spa therapy is also one way of pampering your senses. This rejuvenation is brought about by a professional massage and using an assortment of body relaxing substances. There are day spas, medical spas, eco spas and many more.